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Late 1970's    Company founder Steve, began an early love affair with neon signs - amassing  quite a collection of beer neon signs.


Advertising neon signs of the era.

Early 1980's   The Monster Truck craze was taking the country by storm. Big Foot was all the rage. Steve owned his own lifted Chevy 4x4 and was looking for a way to set him apart from the crowd, something he had never seen before. That's when it hit him, let's do a custom-made neon sign moulded into the tailgate!

Searching locally, Steve located Paul Millet, a local neon legend, to craft the neon for the tailgate. The neon design Paul was going to bend was to replicate and replace the stock wording on the tailgate "CHEVROLET 4 WHEEL DRIVE".

Watching Paul create the custom tailgate neon from beginning to end, Steve realized there could be a business here. Having no desire to make neon bending his craft, Steve saw an opportunity to have others make neon and resell it. 


Paul Millet, neon bender exordinair!


Neon in tailgate as seen in FOUR WHEELER Magazine 1984

1985   A year after the encounter with Paul Millet, Steve was interested in selling neon sculptures, like palm trees and flamingos. Steve searched for a neon sculpture base to purchase where he could have a neon tube bender make the neon and simply plug the neon into the base - but none could be found. Not giving up, Steve went out and designed and started producing his own base.


First Neon Sculpture Base produced.

Eventually, this Base was awarded

the prestigious 

"Product of the Year" award

from Signs of the Times Magazine.

1986 - A business was born    The newly created neon sculpture base, now dubbed the Deluxe Base, was submitted to the Sign Industry's top magazine "Sign Of The Times" - for inclusion in their "new-products" column. The response was overwhelming with over 600+ inquiries. Orders began flowing immediately.

In the next few years, many more neon sculpture base designs were introduced and sold. West Coast Custom Designs dominated and owned the neon base market. 


A few of the bases that were developed.

1990's +    Every year, more and more neon related products were added to the supplies offered.


Just a sampling of items added in the 90s.

Present    Today, West Coast Custom Designs LLC is a clear Leader in neon sign supplies, offering everything under the Arizona sun in neon supplies. Not only do we ship to all 50 States, we ship Internationally to supply our worldwide Neon Customers. Our entire line of neon supplies can be found on our online catalog website.


And yes, we still manufacture a Neon Sculpture base, paying homage to our roots!

Simply put...

We Love Neon!



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