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Neon Pattern Measuring Wheel 

Neon Pattern Measuring Wheel                           
  • Use: Quickly and easily measure out the feet of glass used on a neon pattern.

  • Measures out in inches and/or centimeters.

  • Precision metal gears reset by revolution counter.

  • Includes leather-like vinyl pouch.

  • Large, easy read dial.

  • Virtually unbreakable plastic face.

  • Convenient handle for easy maneuverability.

  • Made in Germany.


1.  Reset pointer to zero by turning the revolution counter.

2.  Set Counter to zero. Turn tracer wheel by hand for more accuate adjustment.

3.  Place the measurer vertical with the tracing wheel at the bottom at the starting point of your pattern.

4.  Trace the pattern.

5.  Read the dial for the distance measured. Both inches and centimeters will be displayed. 

$44.95 ea.

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Item #: NPMW
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