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Neon Clock Transformers

Core and Coil Neon Transformer
Electronic "solid-state" Neon Transformer

  >>>> Words of Wisdom and Caution <<<<  

There are two types of neon transformer's; Core and Coil -and- Electronic Solid-State as pictured above.


Core and coils have been used since the beginning of neon. All antique neon clocks would have used a core and coil type transformer.


We STRONGLY suggest the use of "core and coil" type neon transformer/s in clocks where the clock body is made of metal and the clock mechanism is an electric type. When an electronic type neon transformer is used in a metal body clock with an electric clock mechanism, you run the risk of corrosion of any/all metal part/s. The corrosion actually eats away at metal parts... destroying the parts. The environment created by an electronic transformer seems to be a type of electrolysis


This devastating corrosion does not always happen when electronic transformers are installed, say one 1 of 10 times. Antique clocks are highly collectable and in great demand, making them very valuable. Taking a gamble on destroying a clock by installing an electronic type transformer is just not worth it.


Before clicking on the link to order your core and coil/s at the bottom of this page, check out the following examples of the early stage damage caused by an electronic type transformer installation in a metal clock.

Order Core and coils here. 

If you need help picking the right model, please call us and we will point you to the correct one.
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