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Fluids - Oil and Grease



This grease in NOT for ground glass stopcocks. This grease is for borosilicate manifolds with Teflon and o-ring stopcocks.
O-Ring Grease
  • Apiezon "M" grease.

  • For over 80 years, Apiezon high vacuum greases, vacuum sealants and lubricants are favored around the world because of their quality, consistency and excellent performance in vacuum applications.

  • Commercial grade.

  • Non-silicone base ultra high vacuum o-ring grease.

  • For Viton O-Rings

  • Small vial - will last a lifetime.

$74.95 ea.

Item #: 96014

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Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Commercial grade.

  • For direct drive pumps

  • General purpose hydrocarbon vacuum pump oil.

  • Molecularly distilled for reduced backstreaming and excellent vapor pressure.

  • Amount: 1 ltr.

$54.95 ea.
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Item #: 95992



U-Gauge Oil
  • Commercial grade.

  • Dibutal Thalate.

  • Amount:  20cc

$19.95 ea.
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Item #: 96044

Customers ask us all the time; "what is the correct amount of U-Gauge oil"?  Fact is, there really is no specific amount.  When a neon unit is filled to 20mm of gas pressure, you want to have enough oil in the U-Gauge so that the oil is not pushed past the bottom of the U-Gauge "U" bend. If the oil were to go past this "U" bend, air or gas will enter the other side of the "U".  If this does happen, don't panic, nothing will be damaged. The problem created by the air or gas entering the other side of the "U", would be the U-Gauge reading will be off, or at least until the oil has time to resettle.


Diffusion Pump Fluid
  • Commercial grade.

  • Dow Corning 705, aka DC705.

  • Amount:  50cc


  1. Dump out all of what’s in the pump now (recycle responsibly).

  2. Add all the new oil in the bottle - it’s the correct fill for the diffusion pump. 

$53 ea.
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Item #: 95991

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