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Sign Parts Oddities

Welcome... to the World of Sign Parts Oddities!
Through the years, we have received numerous photos of odd looking sign parts from Customers and novice neon lovers. These photos usually come to us in the attempt to either find the part or to understand it's history, origin and use.

It wasn't until recently that we began to save these photos with the intent to display them here.

If you have any details about any parts shown, please email us with the info and we will be happy to add it to the item.

If you have an unusual sign part that you would like us to include, please email it/them to us. High resolution jpeg photos are preferred, but email us whatever you have.

email photos to....
"KRYPTON" Sign Bulb!
Courtesy of...
Plasti-Lite Signs
St. Louis, MO
Brass Electrode Cap!
Courtesy of...
Dave Gawronski
Glass Tube Supports!
Courtesy of...
Steinmetz Neon
Harrisonville, MO
Funky Electrode!
Courtesy of...
Steinmetz Neon
Harrisonville, MO
Unique Glass Housings!
Courtesy of...
Steinmetz Neon
Harrisonville, MO
Glass Housings with a mesh type conductor inside.
Courtesy of...
Steinmetz Neon
Harrisonville, MO
Interchangeable Neon Letter Sign Base!
Courtesy of...   Neon Express - Indianapolis, IN
Funky Hanging
Neon Transformer!

Courtesy of...
Doug Baker
Porcelain secondary GTO mounting posts and  connections!
Photo Courtesy of...
Kevin Lewis...  they are called Bellows air gap. Bellows was a subsidiary of Goodyear in Akron Ohio. Back in the day, Bellows had like 30 glass benders and it went back to when they had neon on the Goodyear blimps!
WCCD, LLC... look closely, you can see a brass cap protruding thru the glass housing. This brass cap is the very same brass cap in the 2nd photo from the very top of this web page.
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