Porcelain Federal Bushings



Porcelain Federal Bushings
(GTO Wire Pass-Thru Grommets)                                 


  • Porcelain Federal Bushings are designed to allow safe passage of GTO cable thru raceway barriers.

  • Helps prevent fire & shock hazards as well as further protecting the GTO.

  • Provides safe GTO cable protection with electrical grade  porcelain surface that protects in accordance with NEC code.

  • Exposed head features a baked-on gloss porcelain glaze. 

  • Federal Bushing's come assembled with a die-cast lock-nut attached to the threaded ceramic Federal Bushing neck.

  • For proper installation, the minimum hole size in the sheet metal shall be 13/16" and the maximum hole size allowed should not exceed 15/16".

Black, White, 

$1.99 ea. (minimum 10)  

$135  100 ct. Case.

Antique White  *limited supply

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  • Use: GTO pass thru grommet. 

  • Dimensions: 1 1/16" L, 1 3/16" O.D.

  • 100 count box or individually.

  • Imported.