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Custom Animation Controllers



Weather you are animating Neon, Incandescent Bulbs or LEDs, we can make your project come to life with our custom controllers. Thousands of controllers have been built for Customers just like you!

  • Pre-programmed with any combination of effect/s you choose.

  • Most programing included.

  • For any combination of conventional magnetic type neon transformers and incandescent bulbs. For use with "electronic" neon transformers - please call to discuss.

  • Heavy duty commercial grade.

  • Available in any number of circuits.

  • Grounded (3-prong) plug-in, two-prong plug-in and hard wire models available.

  • Rate control via easy on-board knob.

  • Made in the USA.

  • One Year Limited Warranty.

Call to Discuss!
Each controller is built just for you and your project. Just like going to a Chevrolet Dealership to buy a new truck to tow a trailer, the salesman need's to know how big the trailer you plan to tow. Are you towing one ATV, or a 55 foot camping trailer? Likewise, we need to know a little about your project to give you a proper price. So, to get a quote, we will need to know the following;

1.  Type of wiring?


2.  Input Voltage?  110vt  -or-  220vt  -or-  277vt


3.  How many Circuits?    *a circuit is anything that flashes by itself at any time


4.  What Effect/s do you want programmed in?


5. What is the load type?   Examples: Incandescent Bulbs, Conventional Magnetic type neon transformers, Electronic

   Type Neon Transformer/s, LEDs.


6.  What is the Amp draw from the load?


7.  Indoor or Outdoor installation?

WARRANTY:  All controllers are non-returnable, all-sales are final. In the unlikely event that a controller issue occurs, the original controller must be returned for evaluation. A replacement controller will never be sent out before receiving the original back first. Customer's inside and outside the US must return the controller postage prepaid.

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