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The answer is... Fixer Caps! When both electrode wires break off, you have two choices - make a new neon tube or use a Fixer Cap to get the old one working again. The Fixer Caps work by using a mesh inside the Fixer Cap to make contact with any wire stub left on the electrode.
  • For servicing electrodes with broken wires.

  • Slip Electrode Saver Cap over electrode & make contact with wire/s broken off at the glass press.

  • Use on the job & restore a virtually dead unit back to life.

  • No costly repumping and no transportation back and forth.

  • Save many dollars and headaches!

  • Reflect instant service to customers.

  • Made of highest quality brass to provide positive electrical connection & resist corrosion.

  • 12mm & 15mm sizes available.

  • aka: Ross Adapters - Electrode Savers.

12mm   -and-   15mm

10-count - $19.95

25-count - $44.95

50-count - $74.95

100-count - $105.95

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Fixer Caps / aka Electrode Savers

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