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 Brand New / Old-Stock 

Model: France 5000-OE1G
Channel Letter Series

  • Output: 1-5,000vts 30mA

  • Input: 120 VAC 50/60HZ

  • Small compact size: 6.88" L x 1.95" W x 1.45" Thick

  • Generous 32" Integral Sleeve GTO High Voltage leads.

  • Primary Leads: 42"

  • UL 2161Outdoor Type 3

Factory Brand New Old Stock.​

No Warranty - Sold As-Is.

No Returns.

No Exchanges.

$74 each - while supplies last!
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Model:  FRANCE-5000
  NEON Gas:   15mm - 34'  /  12mm - 26'  /  10mm - 21'     
  ARGON Gas:   15mm - 21'  /  12mm - 16'  /  10mm - 13'   
When calculating the length, always add 1ft. for each pair of electrodes.

Gray Discontinued
(Only Gray Discounted)

#200, #200P & PK
Glass Housing Caps

Contaminants are a housing's worst enemy! Use these Housing Front Caps to keep bugs, dirt, rain, snow and other contaminants out of the electrical receptacle reducing or eliminating potential arcing and fire hazards.
  • Get's it's name because of it's resemblance to an igloo shape.

  • Simple push-on installation.

  • Provides effective insulation for a GTO connection to a neon housing.

  • Fits any 8/32" housing stud.

  • UL and CSA listed.

  • Note: Glass housing must have Listed cap when used in a Wet Location. Igloo style cap must be used if the correct 1 1/2" spacing in the enclosure cannot be maintained. 

Singles:  was $1.99 ea. / Now $1.59 ea.

50+:  was $1.79 ea. / Now $1.39 ea. 
Item # GH-SIL-CAP-50+

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D  I  S  C  O  N  T  I  N  U  E  D
2-UP Porcelain Housings
  • 40-count box.
  • Blow-Out @ $89 per box
  • Item #: C-RECEPTACLE
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D  I  S  C  O  N  T  I  N  U  E  D
Porcelain Cable Supports
  • 50-count box.
  • Includes mounting screw.
  • Keeps GTO wire from flopping.
  • Blow-Out @ $0 per box
  • Item #: P-SUPPORTS
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