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Manufactured in the USA for decades, mechanical flashers have been the workhorse of the Lighting Industry. In the beginning, units featured simple on-off function. The product line quickly expanded to include flashers that perform a wide variety of functions including chasing, spelling, scintillating and other effects. The design and technology used on mechanical flashers is no longer new, yet they continue to offer distinct advantages because of their design simplicity and reliable long term performance under varying operating conditions. 



FMS MODEL 1 "Flashers "
The FMS Model 1 Flashers are the most basic in the product line. These units are powered by a synchronous motor that drives one or two cams at a constant speed of 5 seconds per revolution, or 12 revolutions per minute. The cams in turn open and close contact points. Actual flashing speed is a function of the cam cut. For example, a four lobe cam would yield on-off action 48 times per minute. Several cam cuts are available from stock and custom cam cuts are available per your request.
Models:  1-01A,  1-02,  1-A2


FMS MODEL 22 "Flashers "

The Model 22 has proven itself over many years to be a very reliable and economical way to add on-off, alternating, or color changing effects to a sign or other device. Features include cams and points out in the open for easy replacement or adjustment. The ball bearing mounted, sealed cam shaft with large fly wheel for years of smooth, quiet, maintenance-free service.


Contacts on the Model 22 are rated to handle 15 amps, except on the chaser action units whose contacts are rated at 109 amps due to high flashing speed. Model 22 High Output flashers are constructed with extra insulation and an increased point opening to minimize arcing when used in high initial draw applications such as flashing ballasts.

Models:  22-01,  22-02,  22-A2


FMS MODEL 33 "Chasers "

The Model 33 Chasers are most commonly used on flashing incandescent bulb signs where "dark spots" chase around a border or directional motion is incorporated into a field of bulbs. The Model 33 can be used to chase neon, though it must be incorporated on the primary side of any transformers. Model 33 Chasers are available from stock with three, four or five circuits. Larger chasers are available by special order.


The Model 33 chasers are ruggedly constructed to provide years of smooth, quiet, trouble free service. Each features molded terminal blocks, permanently lubricated bearings, and all corrosion resistant surfaces. Contacts are rated to handle 10 amps each and are accessible for easy replacement.

Models:  33-C4  33-C4,  33-C6


FMS MODEL 33 "Speller "

The Model 33 Spellers are designed for applications where electric circuits are to be flashed in particular sequences such as spelling with animation. Variable in both cycle speed and cam cut, Model 33 Spellers are some of the most versatile sign controllers available. Spellers can be built with as few as one circuit, or as many as necessary to accommodate the required flashing sequence. Neon can be controlled by installing the speller on the primary side of transformers.

Models:  Each is custom built


FMS MODEL 55 "High-Voltage " FLASHER

The Model 55 High-Voltage flasher is specifically designed to distribute the secondary voltage of a neon transformer. The unit will handle from 7,500 to 15,000 volts and distribute this high voltage to up to 8 circuits from a single transformer. For this reason, the Model 55 is occasionally referred to as a "neon animator".


The Model 55 is housed in a stainless steel cabinet with insulation of electrical quality glazed porcelain. The magnetic speed adjustment can vary the flashing speed from 35 to 300 flashes per circuit per minute.

Models:  55-A4F, 55-A6F


FMS MODEL 66 "Scintillator "

The Model 66 is generally used to create a scintillating or "twinkling" action in fields of flashing bulbs. They can also be wired to create a chasing action. These units are constructed of very heavy duty materials to stand up under constant use with heavy loads.


The Model 66 features a simple wiring design for easy installation, and three shielded ball bearings which require no maintenance. As on all these mechanical flashers, the contacts are formed of a special silver alloy that actually performs better than pure silver.

Models:  66-C4, 66-C6

Add some excitement to your lighting with Signatrol light chasers.

Made with contact Stacks! No need to remove the unit from its cabinet. A twist of the wrist removes and replaces parts. Unit features heavy duty contacts made from a silver alloy one half inch diameter, for maximum life. Wiping Contacts assures positive operation. Ball-Bearings throughout, sealed with aluminum covers to guard against dust and moisture. 120 VAC 60Hz ( 230 VAC available as a special order).

Models:  20-33, 20-44, 20-66, 20B-66, 24B-33, 24B-44

Signatrol flashers have been an industry standard and the “go-to” unit for decades. Constructed of high quality materials, these enduring designs can be depended on for years of reliable service even in the most demanding allocations. We manufacture and offer the legendary Model 20 and 24 along with original replacement parts. Choose from standard or pre-wired terminal board models.

Models:  30-01, 30-02, 30-A2
Replacement Parts

Keep your FMS and Signatrol flashers working with genuine factory replacement contacts. 


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